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Why Brew Cast, not Beer Cast?

I will be honest, the choice of brew cast as part of the domain name was serendipity.  There are any number of sites using the name Living Proof; for all the popular top-level domains, “livingproof” was taken.  Adding “podcast” resulted in a domain name that was also taken.  It also occurred to me as I frantically tried to think of an alternative, that “livingproofpodcast” didn’t say much about what John and I are setting out to do, anyway.

As we’ve been enthusiastically brain storming, coordinating and planning for our first episodes, number one of which is tentatively slated for March, the lucky coincidence of my alternate name became apparent.  Using the term “brew cast” is more encompassing and offers far more opportunities than just “beer cast”.

First, it allows us to produce segments on any kind of brewed beverage, which happens to allow me to speak to my past pursuit of brewing mead.  It also lets the both of us stretch beyond the kinds of things we’ve brewed past and present to explore all kinds of interesting things.  As John put it, brew speaks to anything that uses yeast or a similar organism to metabolize any kind of sugar or sugars and uses adjuncts to balance the flavor or preserve the result.

Second, brew is a verb so we can include the practice, art, craft and act of brewing.  At the start we already were agreed we’d pursue interviews and discussions with master brewers driving the thriving micro- and craft brew industry.  But since John is an active brewer and I am a lapsed brewer hopeful to be active again soon, we can also put together segments on all of the aspects of home brewing first hand.

Not surprisingly, the topics we’ve come up with so far are quite broad and hopefully generally appealing.  John and I both are as interested in the brewed product itself as the history and anthropology behind brewing, how it complements and interacts with food, and any number of tangents that spring forth from the core notion.  Personally, I was thrilled at one of his suggestions that would even let us do a family friendly segment.

I tend to think, and I doubt John would disagree, that the hallmark of a good idea is whether it has legs.  Just from our initial list, I think we easily have a year’s worth of content for a monthly, hour long show.  Most importantly, we’ve also come up with ideas that will encourage us to grow and share our growth, as brewers, aficionados, and beer mug philosophers.

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