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Brew Masters Still Alive?

There is a ton of internet rumor swirl about the possible cancelation of The Discovery Channel’s “Brew Masters” featuring Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagioni. The short and skinny of it? The show’s initial schedule called for six episodes, five have been broadcast and the sixth is in the works due to a construction delay to Eataly New York, to which Sam is co-partnering up to provide an onsite cask brewery. The fate of a second season is yet to be determined, but the sixth episode should be released sometime soon with a possible mini-marathon of the first five as a promotional ramp up. This article for The Washington Post’s All We Can Eat Section does a great job clarifying the status of the series and events on the Dogfish Head horizon.

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Dogfish Head 2011 Beer Release Schedule Posted

It is hardly a secret that John and I are fans of Dogfish Head. One of the reasons we keep returning to their beers in our beer questing is the variation and experimentation from year to year. The brewery helps out in those endeavors by sharing their planned releases at the start of each year. They just posted the schedule for 2011.

In all, we’re planning to release more than 26 beers from the Milton brewery next year. We say ‘more than’ because a few regionally-limited beers don’t make the list (Shelter Pale Ale and our draft-only Lawnmower and our Extreme Beer Fest beer). What you also won’t see on the schedule is 75 Minute IPA – a cask-only blend of our 60 and 90 Minute IPAs. Don’t worry though, all three of those beers are still on the production schedule!

For the ageables and other rarities, this downloadable PDF is essential to making sure you are looking for your favorites at the right time of year. There is no worse feeling than realizing you’ve missed out on a limited release beer you wanted to try.

John and I have also been discussing a trip up to Rehoboth and Milton this year. The post links to the brewpub exclusives which we’ll no doubt sample and report on here and in the podcast.

2011 Beer Release Schedule Posted, Dogfish Head (thanks to John Cmar)

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Set Your DVRs for “Brew Masters”

I realized while recording material for future episodes of Living Proof that not everyone who has been or is planning to watch “Brew Masters” is aware that the show has already changed nights twice.  It debuted on Sunday and the third episode aired the Monday right after the second episode.  The next episode will fall on a Thursday.  As annoying as this is, it is a good reminder to use the series subscription feature on your DVR to lock the show in, now, so as not to miss an episode.

Also, I saw the schedule changes via Dogfish Head’s Facebook page.  If you are on Facebook, it is worth liking that page as well as the one for the show itself so you don’t miss any updates.

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Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head to host Brew Masters on Discovery Channel

What more can I say!?! I am super excited about Brew Masters, a new series from Discovery Channel. The first book I bought on home brewing was Sam Calagione’s Extreme Brewing and I have been brewing beer and making mead ever since. Sam brings excitement and curiosity to the fine art of beer making. His tireless efforts to educate and promote the virtues and diversity of handcrafted ales with high quality ingredients stands in stark contrast to the macro-beer mentality of less flavor for less money. Let the agribusiness bean counters beware: The beer wars continue and our bet is on the micro-brewing gunslingers such as Sam.

Brew Masters premiers Sunday, November 21st on the Discovery Channel

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