LPBC 2011-06-18 A Glympse of Chooch at The G’Knight 1-4-All

This is an episode of the Living Proof Brew Cast.

In the intro, John enjoyed Appalachian Brewing Company’s The Jolly Scot and I had The Brewer’s Art Resurrection. We discussed the latest archeological findings pointing to stone age brewing in France. Earlier developments in this vein were the Celtic trough beer and a continuing tradition of brewing in wooden vessels transferring heat via stones on bonfires.

Chooch was a bit late joining us but we were having a Jack Bauer moment following his progress via Glympse. While tracking his progress home, we discussed our recent visit to Brasserie Beck. I was reminded very favorably of Le Mannequin Pis here in Maryland. We enjoyed Brasserie LeFebvre’s Hopus and Uinta’s Tilted Smile from their Crooked Line. We have to thank Carl Malamud, the Rogue Archivist and the man responsible for the open source beer fellowship, for treating us to these beers and to dinner.

We received some listener feedback from Johnathan who gave us the heads up, via Ballast Point, that June is craft beer month in San Diego. He also recommended the app, Tap Hunter, to aid those on the beer quest. Neither of us had heard of it but have both been using Untappd a lot recently where all our listeners are welcome to friend us.

Chooch finally joined us on mic at which point I relate our following his progress on line to The Panopticon. Setting aside issues of globabl surveillance, we crack open the G’Knight, the beer we selected for our 1-4-all tasting. We chat for a bit about the lamentable story behind this beer’s renaming from The Gordon. Chooch compared G’Knight favorably to one of the only other Oskar Blues’ beers he’s tried, Gubna.

Chooch mentioned another beer quest app, BeerWhere. I mentioned some of the beers Untappd lists as similar to G’Knight, Peak Organic King Crimson, Long Trail Centennial, and Rogue XS Imperial Red.

We finished the 1-4-all segmented discussing some micro-distilled spirites we’ve enjoyed. In addition to the Seven Beauties John enjoyed at The Brewer’s Art, he also got a chance to try Rogue’s Chatoe Rogue Oregon Single Malt Whiskey. While I was in New York, I got to try Heartland Brewery’s experiment in using a beer recipe as a base for a whiskey, their Farmer Jon’s Whisky which starts with their oatmeal stout of the same name.

In our final thoughts, Chooch shared a report from the grand opening of Lost Rhino. He related the long story behind its founding, in the wake of one of the big breweries acquiring Fordham and Old Dominion. The founders were shift brewers at Old Dominion who John and I met while he was working at Growlers. Lost Rhino has plans to supplement the capacity at Growlers as well as at Vintage 50. Based on Chooch’s impressions we may have to give Matt and his partner some time to find their feet, similar to our thoughts on Baying Hound Aleworks, whose brews John and I feel it is time to re-visit.

You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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