LPBC 2011-04-09 A Barley Wine 2-4-2

This is an episode of the Living Proof Brew Cast.

In the intro, I was drinking the Troeg Java Head Stout and John the Great Divide Belgica. John shared the Java Head with me and picked it up after trying it at a Ditched by Kate show. The Belgica was a beer I gave John from a variety pack I picked up on the same trip where he snagged the Troeg. We both also tried the Great Divide Titan IPA from the pack and it is solid but perhaps in the shadow of other Imperial IPAs we’ve head recently like the Southern Tier Unearthly and the Dogfish Head Squall. It is an excellent Summer beer, though, and beyond the food pairings on the page, I think it would nicely balance some grilled sausage like Aidells or Niman Ranch.

The Java Head is a nicely crafted, smaller stout that serves as an excellent alternative to some of the bigger stouts we’ve enjoyed like the Oskar Blue’s Ten Fidy and the Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout. I am a little afraid of Oskar Blue’s next step up from the Ten Fidy, their Tweny Ten.

We got a bit of listener feedback from Chip of The Scotch Cast. He wrote in response to our discussion of gluten free beers from our episode with Chris Miller. Chip suggests folks who cannot have gluten try Green’s, that he would not have known they were gluten free if no one told him.

We also have some bad news about the show Brew Masters. If the network was comparing it to No Reservations, there is a strong irony there as it took Tony Bourdain’s show a few seasons to find its voice.

In our main segment, we did a 2-4-2 with a couple of barley wines. The first was Southern Tier’s Backburner. It was hoppy but not as hoppy as some other off beat barley wines, like the Duclaw Devil’s Milk. The other beer we tasted was the Great Divide Old Ruffian. Stone Old Guardian also falls on the more hoppy end of the spectrum. We also get into talking about really big beers, beyond barley wine, like Sam Adams Utopias.

We close with pointers to the barrels available at More Beer and  a quick brewing update since at the time of this episode’s release, the 80 shilling we brewed before recording the 2-4-2 tasting has since been racked and dubbed The Pirate-in-Chief.

You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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